Around the world under the ground, tour belongs to the travel, entertainment, and nonfiction content. Each episode is 26-52 minutes with an infinite number of series, which depends on how many interesting underground stations, would be found in respect to the facilities of the ability to film. The available audience of this particular content is 6+ ages. However, the targeted audience is 16-40 aged as the main aim of the “Around the world under the ground” is to show the alternative way of travelling and how local underground might be a source of the possible way to travel and 16-40 aged people are mostly spread travellers it is possible to see around the world.Basically, this is a guide for potential travelers.

In each episode, we visit five interesting metro stations in five different cities of the Planet. We will tell the stories about the construction of underground, about technology solutions, about underground station design and about what we are able to see above. Herewith we travel easily through the Planet as well as through the time. No matter that we have to go through the earth and to turn back timeline! We can make it!

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