The Passion of Berezina

On November the 12th of 1812, the Emperor Napoleon burned the flags of the lost regiments of his Army near Tolochin, a Belarusian town. His officers and men could not refrain from tears. On that day they could not have imagine the fate that was waiting for them.

Even today, historians are still disputing these events.

The Great Army of Napoleon suffered great losses but how did Napoleon not suffer defeat? How did he walk away from the Russian troops with his treasure? With so many golden coins and ingots with his personal monogram “N”! Perhaps it was the beginning of Waterloo?

The battle of the Berezina has given birth to many mysteries in Russia. Why did admiral Chichagov who eventually became the winner leave Russia? Why were the other Russian troops too late to help him? Why didn’t The Emperor Alexandr consider the battle of the Berezina to be the victory of the Russian troops?


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