William Fisher. The 1st episode of Legendary Spies (6 episodes)

He was a spy from birth and he created the biggest spy network at the very heart of the USA.But even a ginius is not immune from treachery.

After his arest he became famous the world over but it was never his dream. He cooperated with the FBI and sat pretty in the USA but for him reputation was above all else.

A resident whose mission had failed, a prisoner who was respected because of his mind, a spy who was the dream of every intellinence service…

He was so dangerous for the USA that he could have got the chair or died in prison but destiny gave him a chance…

This is a story of an incredible friendship between two professionals – a Soviet spy and an American lawer in the series „Legendary Spies“.

Five words turned failure to triumph – My name is Rudolf Abel – with many years of hope and love waiting for him in Moscow for so long…

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