Production facilities

Dear Partners!

We provide a full video and sound production services to create documentaries with reconstructions, TV series, clips, commercial films. Our production facilities:

Stages and floors:

From 150 m2 to 900 m2 + Chroma Key

Audio and Sound equipment:


Lighting equipment:


Setting, costumes, stage property:

A large variety of costumes and setting from Middle ages to modern age and an especially large collection of setting of the First and the Second World wars.

Our post-production service:

Digital mastering, color correction, cross-cutting, animated graphics, etc.

Sound service:

subtitling, voiceover, dubbing, lip-sync, intersounds, background music

Please contact us for any outsourcing and coproduction questions! Tel.: +375 (17) 312-16-29, +375 (17) 312-16-30