The World History of Attempts

Vladimir Lenin. In August of 1918 the second attempt on Lenin’s life took place, in which he was wounded in the arm and the neck. Someone from the SR party named Kaplan made the shots. That was the only version. But over time it became clear, that Kaplan was not guilty and the SR party members had nothing to do with it ! Who killed the leader of the world proletariat and who had a benefit from his death? We present documentary dramas, based on the investigations of the world history of attempts on people’s lives.

The stories of the following names are ready to be discovered: Savva Morozov, Petr Stolypin, count Witte, Lubov Orlova, Sergey Yesenin, Grigory Kotovsky, Charles de Gol, Indira Gandhi, Olof Palme, Martin Luther King, Ernesto Che Guevara, Russian Tsars, Soviet general secretaries, American presidents, English prime ministers, millionaires, ministers, gangsters, politicians, judges and even priests … Their fates have changed the world!


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