Big bird transit. Station “Turov meadow”

If there is a bird’s paradise, where is it?
The Pripyat River. Near the city of Turov.
This is where a uniquely amazing phenomenon in the history of the planet took place.
People’s interests have become an organic part of the ecosystem.
So, there was a new kind of natural landscape. Its name is floodplain meadow.
Why do migratory birds stop here on their way from South-Western Europe to North-Eastern Europe and from Africa to Siberia? What do they like here?
And what role does the Turov meadow play in the international migration of hundreds of thousands of birds?
Watch our film about the life of migratory birds. We shot it from early spring until late autumn and now we are in a hurry to share these wonderful 4K videos.
All the filming was made in the natural environment and it consists of 100% original shots that we are really proud of.

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