Red deer. Sex-symbol of the old forest

In the old forest, among the trees that are hundreds of years-old you can meet a deer.
If you are lucky and you are looking at him, you will see very quickly that the most interesting part is of course… The horns! They are eye-catching, large and branchy.
The deer always wear them gracefully, majestically and with pride. These animals have always had a special status.
The ancient Maya called themselves “Ah Maya” – the children of deer. They considered them their ancestors and a symbol of the birth of new life. Celtic mythological god Cernunnoss was portrayed with deer horns which symbolise birth and death at the same time.
The night before a bachelor gets married is called a “stag party” by the British.
The Russian writer Leo Tolstoi called his sexual desire, which he experienced in his youth: “a stag’s feeling”
Why? What does a deer have to do with it? What’s so special about this animal?
And is it really that sexy? In many cultures, on the contrary, the man whose wife is cheating on him is called horny…
So who is right? How is it connected: a deer: its horns and sexuality? We know the answer and we are assured that there is no more worthy beast for the title of the sex-symbol of the old forest than the red deer!
We will prove this to you in just one hour!

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