The standard notion is Architectura militaris, but our ear is more comfortable with “Fortification monuments” (from Latin Forticatio – strengthening). Five enthusiasts – the “Fortificatio” team – decided to investigate castles and fortresses of Belarus, but first of all – the Soviet pillboxes, the least known part of Belarusian fortification monuments. The Germans dubbed these fortifications the “Stalin’s Line”. The off-roader with the “Fortificatio” print on it is always on the move. Its passengers stage experiments, investigate, show, prove and never feel glum.

They can build a pillbox in a week and then blow it up from a gun, and the next day they already participate in a medieval knight tournament. The audience would like to try it themselves but they are so busy! The programme also has an informative value, it includes various references, opinions from experts, it features a continuously expanding fortificator’s dictionary and full of schemes, maps and drawings.

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