War History

vse_o_indThis line of fortifications extended through the whole territory of the Soviet Union from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea and covered the North and the Far East of the USSR. Its creation cost like a cup of million cities. Stalin Line is a great project of fortifications. In 1941, it was the main strategic decision of the General Staff of Red Army to protect a huge country.

xronika_pobed_indThe feat of the sailor, the captain, crew, squadron, the whole fleet – each of them struggled for the Victory. In days of the Great Patriotic War, the Navy of the USSR had to overcome plenty of difficulties. Russia has always kindly named the fleet as “Our strength and glory”. The documentary series “Soviet Fleet” tells a story about sea battles during WWII. Nobody can stay indifferent to the heroism and self-sacrifice for the sake of the Victory.

16 x 24’, Year: 2012

osvobozhd_indIn 1944, the Soviet Armies restored the border of the USSR. But it was necessary to go further, to Berlin. Germany was still strong and allies on an anti-Hitler coalition could suddenly become opponents. To stop meant to defeat. Everybody from the soldier to the marshal understood it. In order to survive it was necessary to win. Unique documentaries “Liberation” tell about brilliant operations of Red Army in Europe and the price of victory.

32 x 24’, Year: 2012-2013
gusary_indThere are a lot of great heroes in the history of Russia. Warriors and warlords were defending the Russian land during centuries. Peter the Great has began the new history of the Russian Army and Imperial Russian Army was making up of grenadiers, dragoons, cuirassiers, bombardiers, cossacks…

15 x 7’, Year: 2013

moskva_frontuMoscow, 1941 year…Men who went up the line shown an example of courage. Women supplied their place at factories and preformed a feat of work. Children saved city from fire and they were saved by people who were unable go up the line. Grey with crosses at windows Moscow refused enemy’s submission. Muscovites did all their best and even more to save their city. And they saved it!

53 x 20’, Year: 2013

perelom_indThe last attempts of Germans to win Moscow were broken even after their persistent defense and counterstrokes on Russian territories. The Red Army was a serious opponent that paralized the Germans. The military initiative was on the side of the Soviet armies. Documentary series “Turning Point” tells a story about the military operations that changed a course of war and the whole world history. These fights showed how the Soviet soldiers managed to approach to the up-coming Victory.

12 x 24’, Year: 2012

bitva_imperij_indIn one super-power – the USSR – local military conflicts were considered to be the fights for “a better future” and emancipation, and in the other – the USA – they were seen as the struggle for democracy and freedom. Hotspots. They occurred in so many places of the world but an open antagonism between the two giants didn’t happen. Both of them used third countries as pawns in a political game and applied their resources and industries. 

100 x 11′, Year: 2011

vsemir_istor_pokush_indVladimir Lenin. In August of 1918 the second attempt on Lenin’s life took place, in which he was wounded in the arm and the neck. Someone from the SR party named Kaplan made the shots. That was the only version. But over time it became clear, that Kaplan was not guilty and the SR party members had nothing to do with it ! Who killed the leader of the world proletariat and who had a benefit from his death? We present documentary dramas, based on the investigations of the world history of attempts on people’s lives.

nevidimyj-frontHow many secrets does modern history keep? Millions. We are going to reveal some of those in the films “Invisible front”. New data from KGB archives are declassified specially for this project. In our programmes we present exclusive interviews, and the most authoritative experts tell the truth about the secrets of politics. Each film contains unique information, as well as rare and even exclusive video footage. All heroes of the films are connected by invisible bonds with the government and take part in invisible struggle at the invisible front.

182 x 13’, Year: 2008-2009

oruzhie_indIn most cases the aspiration to weapon perfection became the reason and the motive for the development of science and technical progress. In the course of creating the newest samples, the greatest discoveries and inventions became possible. Nowadays, weapon is an object of culture and art. Throughout centuries we can observe civilizations rise and fall and whole empires crumble due to weapon. But weapon evolution was never as rapid as in the 20th century.

200 x 13’, Year: 2009

posled_argument_indImagine that the USA would have remained the only owners of the nuclear weapon. What would have happened to the world? How has the planet managed to survive with the nuclear weapon on it? Only 60 years ago some could destroy the planet, while others tried to stop them. The world has escaped the tragic final, so who were those heroes we should be grateful to? 

4 x 26’, Year: 2010